What type of assessment do I need?

GAIN Assessment

This assessment is required by the State of Idaho if you are planning to access BPA services, Medicaid, or have a felony charge. (If you have a pending felony charge, your judge will order that you have this assessment completed prior to sentencing and it will be paid for by the state).

Private Pay Substance Abuse Assessment

This is a standard evaluation that will meet basic requirements if you are planning to pay for treatment services out of pocket, if you have a pending misdemeanor charge, or have been ordered and/or recommended to have a substance abuse assessment by the courts or your attorney. This assessment will not be valid if you are planning to access BPA or Medicaid funding. 

DUI Evaluation

This is a specialized assessment that is specifically ordered by judges. The judge will order you to complete a "DUI evaluation" which is different than a substance abuse assessment or other worded assessment. We do not offer this type of assessment at Brevity. 

Price List

Services can be provided in select jails in Region 1 for additional charges and pre-payment.